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Overkill – Berlin

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Overkill – Berlin

Finest sneaker& streetwear from Berlin to the world

The number one address for graffiti, sneakers and streetwear straight from the heart of Berlin: Kreuzberg. An old school berlin establishment, directly at the Schlesisches Tor, that’s been an irreplaceable part of the scene here since 2003. Hosting limited edition shoe releases, special events and an impressive array of sprayer gear, the founders of OVERKILL helped bring our urban lifestyle out of the shadows and into the spotlight of the mainstream. Going even further, they have managed to create a combination of exclusive boutique flair and street-style life. Over 650 square feet (200 meters) of wear and gear make even the coldest of street artists’ hearts skip a beat. Come check out the over 500 sneakers, the exclusive hand-picked collection of fashion and Berlins largest inventory of graffiti gear that make us the hottest address in the country.


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Overkill, Köpenicker Straße, Berlijn, Duitsland
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