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One Block Down – Paris

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One Block Down – Paris

Nostalgic streetwear and contemporary lifestyle

As one of today’s foremost encounter points, One Block Down is a futurebound concept allowing global communities to traverse an archive of untold subcultural stories and build commonality around what it considers to be foundational knowledge. It is such encounters that see new communities form; communities not defined by physical distance, but by their infinite connection to something far greater.

One Block Down is as much an educator and facilitator, as it is a renegade and storyteller, using its brand to carve out a new set of cultural principles while synthesizing the interests of its global following. Together with the production and distribution of industry-leading content, it continues to push its product offering and collaborative partners further in redefining contemporary stylistic discourse and exciting feelings of genuine belonging.

Following its foundation in 2009, One Block Down has permeated the globe with a steadfast documentation of the most authentic youth movements, using its evolving digital outlets to redefine a new era of cultural expression. After a decade-long service to the industry, One Block Down continues to bridge the divide between once-dissonant societies, all while constantly rethinking the concepts of retail and e-commerce, initiating lasting change.


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One Block Down, Rue Beaubourg, Parijs, Frankrijk
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