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43einhalb – Frankfurt

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43einhalb – Frankfurt

Sneaker Store

After working as writers for various german sneaker magazines, as well as summoning the german online magazine SNEAKERIZED.COM and also developing an own sneaker brand called „flaek footwear“, it was only a matter of time that Mischa and Oliver would open the doors of their own sneaker store. Both of them, as well as the whole team are serious sneaker heads and as in any good relationship, it feels just best to have „them“ the whole day around you.

It did`t take long until first disciples knocked on the door and our family started to grow. Whether the shop-crew, our storehouse pacmen or our office dudes - each new member grew dearly onto our hearts over the years and has helped developing our company to what we are today: A pile of crazy confirmed Sneakerheads.

Our store name does`t have anything to do with a restricted size range: 43einhalb is our common size. The reason that this brand of all things is decorating our shops` facade in the contemplative Fulda at Peterstor 7, is also no accident: As real Fulda homies, we would rather let you step on our sneakers, as to open a store in another town - and that means a lot.


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43einhalb sneaker store FFM, Stiftstraße, Frankfurt-Innenstadt, Duitsland
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